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Trade our own money !

Next Gain Capital developed a unique 2-step onboarding process for Traders. This onboarding process consists of the Qualification process and the Activation process. This is specifically designed to train and build-up potentially talented traders.

Upon successful completion of the onboarding process, you are offered an active trading position on our trading team, here in Next Gain Capital Proprietary Trading firm, where you can remotely manage one of our Nostro Accounts with a balance of 10,000 USD. Your journey to get there might be challenging, but our educational applications, trading support and performance coaching are available to you on this journey to financial independence.

Qualification process

This is where we train you to become a qualified trader


Become our next trading partner and get $10,000 account of our own money. First step is registration. Sign up to our training and qualification program to move on to the second step.


The Qualification is the second step towards becoming a trading partner. Once you pass the Qualification stage, your progress will be verified and you will be offered to trade for our Trading Firm.

Trade Real Money


This is the last step before you become a trading partner. We verify your treading skills by our professional performance coach. Once verified, you can move on to the next step to begin the activation process.

Activation process

This is where you officially become Next Gain Capital trader

Get Funded

After verification step, we will send you a ‘welcome onboard’ e-mail with a link to download our MT4 trading platform and your login details. Upon installation, you will find a trading account fully funded with $10,000 dollars ready to go.

Become Trading Partner

Congratulations! You are officially part of Next Gain Capital trading team. A second following e-mail with login details to our trading support & training package. Our performance coach will also be available to you so you can hit the ground running.

Earn Real Money

Start Trading

It’s time to start trading! This is where your trading journey begins. If you consistently generate profits on your funded account, we will scale your account size and potential profit according to our scaling plan.

Have you always wanted to trade the markets but were afraid of losing your money?

This is your chance to get a $10,000 FUNDED ACCOUNT AND start trading LIKE A PRO!

Even if you have never placed a trade or lost money trading in the past, now it’s a different ball of game! Success is attainable like never before! Revolutionary growth and profit sharing model!

Want to reach your maximum potential?

How about setting yourself an additional source of income that can generate thousands of dollars a month?

Fill in your personal details and click the yellow button to learn more about how to setup your funded account and begin trading in a few quick and easy steps

Why Should we give you our money?

Because When you win we win. Our in-house training and qualification program is so professional and robust that we are fully confident you can become a successful trader.

starting point of $ 10,000 can provide real growth and allow traders to prove themselves, while trading without the fear of losing their hard-earned money, because we cover the losses.

Unfortunately many good traders, who trade their own money, are not successful in the long-run because of the fear of losing and also because they are unable to finance trading portfolios of such magnitude.

now… the skies are the limit with next gain capital

Know your trading objectives

When you reach your 10% profit target you can either withdraw your profit and go back to the FIRST ROUND, or you can move on to the next round, where you will be able to significantly increase your profit potential. On the flip side, if you reach the 8% stop loss mark (in any round), your account will be terminated and you will have to re-register to start all over again.

Level No' Account Starting Point Profit Target Account Finish line Withrawable Profit Drawdown Stoploss Equity Stoploss
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8

Join the team of our successful traders

When you are ready, sign up, get verified and become a part of Next Gain Capital trading team. Click below to register.

We Are More Than Just a Funding Program

Find out how you can benefit with Next Gain Capital.
  • Performance
  • Trading
  • Market
  • Customer
  • Trading

Performance Coach

We have partnered up with Roy Levine, a qualified performance coach and trading mentor. Roy is a well known technical analysis Jedi and considers to be one of the 10 most influential traders in the world. Our mutual cooperation with Roy should result in a long-term success and better trading results for our trading partners.

Benefit From Our In-house Trading Alerts and Market Signals

We made sure you’re going to hit the ground running with our in-house market analysis and trading alerts. Our trading support package includes complete trade plans; Entries, stops, targets and risk management. Two real-live trading accounts to follow in real-time.

Market Analysis

Our partnership with Bulletproof Traders allow us to provide you with the highest level of market analysis and trading ideas in real time. Laser-sharp price prediction analysis with independently verified trading results and revolutionary award-winning trading model.


Customer Support

 Communication with our traders is very important for us. We assist and guide our     traders through the onboarding process of becoming a Next Gain Capital trading   partner. Our qualified customer support specialists are always there for you via   email, phone, or live chat.

Trading Academy

we’ve partnered up with Bulletproof Traders educational training & trading support platform In order to provide our traders with the highest level of professionalism and skillset to ensure their success over the long-run. 

Next Gain Capital Is the Best Proprietary Firm You Can Trade For. Here’s Why.

The best trading conditions

Wide variety of FX assets to choose from, with low commissions and raw spreads.

No limits on trading style!

Trade your own trading strategy with no limits or restrictions. You can use EAs, hedging or scalping.

Dedicated Customer Support

Reach out to us via 24/7 Live Chat, E-Mail or get on a call with our performance coach.

The best trading platform

We use the most popular trading platform in the industry! Meta Trader 4

Leverage up to 1:20

Use professional trader’s leverage to your advantage with no imposed limits on position sizing.

Trading Academy & Coaching

Access to our top level in-house trading support & training platform with our in-house performance coach.

Focused on 3 Currency pairs

We trade 3 different time zones. Pacific via AUD/USD ; Asia via USD/JPY and Europe via EUR/USD.

One-time fee only

No recurring charges, no memberships or other hidden costs.

Account Analysis

A thorough analysis of your trading account with constructive feedback from our performance coach.

Testimonials - Why listen to us? Listen our Traders share their experience!

If you are serious about learning the skill of price action trading, Next Gain Capital is the place to be. It’s a simple, affordable one-time fee but the knowledge and skills you will acquire will last a life time.
I like that for one time fee, we get the opportunity to try out if we like this business. Once you get the coaching and knowledge, you can follow you idea od how to trade online
Web Developer
I did some trading before, but here I like that you can choose your own trading style, and still get advice on how to improve your trading skills.

Feedback from our traders on Forex Factory and Forex Peace Army

No. There is no time limit to reach targets. Traders can choose their own pace according to their risk management and levels of leverage.

Profit withdrawal is allowed right from the very first round. However, the profit potential grows exponentially with every round you successfully complete .

Yes they are! In-fact, our in-house training and support package, as well as our performance coaching, market analysis and trading alerts, are the main reason behind our registration fee.

Yes ! Once you complete our 6-step onboarding process, you immediately assigned to our in-house performance coach for  2 hours of one-on-one training session. 

The Stop loss threshold is the loosing level in which your trading account is terminated. The 8% mark is the risk level we are willing to take on your trading. 

No! All the trading resources you need will be provided to you by our in-house trading academy and trading support package.

Absolutely! all of our trading alerts, price predictions and active positions are done by professional traders in real-time.

If you would like to have a second try, then the answer is yes. You would need to start all over again by re-registering and going back to the starting point of the first round.

Yes you can! However, additional coaching sessions are not included in the package and will have to be financed by you, according to the advertised listing price.

That is correct! This is NOT a demo account. We only provide real-live accounts funded with real money.

Join the team of our successful traders

When you are ready, sign up, get verified and become a part of Next Gain Capital trading team. Click below to register.